I picked the following two cards from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virture….this is what I feel Spirit is telling us:

SEPTEMBER…what are you expecting?

Seven of Abundance: It is time…all the work you have done to this point is about to unfold…whether that is dreams, meditations, purging or healings for your self…it is time! A time of moving forward a time of harvest and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I’ve pulled cards previously this year, pointing to prep, to prepare for what Spirit has for you…but there are still things to do….maybe to start to formulate or take that class you have been wanting to take, order those business cards, acquire that other tool in your toolbox, start that path of self healing, self discovery, get some some healing (reiki, IET, massage or maybe something like functional medicine) or whatever Spirit is urging you to do. Start it and do it!

Six of Abundance: Expect! Expect that the blessings are here and coming. Reach up in gratitude, the harvest is here and it is time to reap and enjoy all the abundance that is coming your way. Remember to Pay it forward…this does not just mean monetarily..it could mean in your sacrifice of unconditional love and forgiveness to those that misuse or use you!

All and all I have been waiting patiently for September! I see blessings, abundance and joy! Open your arms and heart to receive…and make sure you send a blessing on to others! Love Christine! xoxoxoxo

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