I began to realize certain people are always frustrated that their manifesting were never coming to pass. They’d say, “I speak out what I want to manifest and it never happens?”  “What am I doing wrong?”  How come others can manifest easily and readily but others struggle?

My question to them is always… Do you follow thru on your every day promises? Can others rely on your word? Do you make commitments and then break them, only because you just don’t feel to do what you said you’d do?

Next time you make a promise to someone..know your words are powerful…always follow thru on your word and then watch other spoken words in your life come to pass and begin to blossom!

Please note: I realize emergencies come up, car problems, sickness, babysitting issues etc…but be careful and diligent when you make a promise…Words are powerful!

Love and blessings, Christine

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